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What better way to have your sports opinions seen and heard than by posting 15-second rant videos for the whole world to see? Scream, chant, boast. Heck, you can even cry. Stop yelling at your TV and rant to an entire sports and online casino Canada community.

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Need an expert opinion? Curious who the next MVP will be? Can't decide on that flex spot for your Fantasy Football team? We've got you covered with interactive polling.



League and team filters allow you to easily flip back and forth between specific content you're interested in. From general league news to your favorite team.



Want your friends to know where you stand on your team's latest trade? Looking to trash talk prior to the big game? Sploops allows you to share all content through Facebook and Twitter.

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Sploops allows you to text comment on rants and polls in case you don't have video access. You know, for those times you're stuck at work or sitting in that favorite math class of yours.

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As a Sploops user, we'll always keep you in the know on how the sports community views your content via likes, dislikes, comments, and social sharing. Effortlessly follow your favorite users, leagues, and teams. Then invite your friends to join in on the commotion!

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